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CHANG-HONG STEEL located in Bao an industrial area in Tainan. The first plant is steel yard. The second is specialized in processing and manufacturing. We engage in steel selling and processing. All kinds of inquiring are welcome, please contact us. Since 1994, CHANG-HONG STEEL is not only pick-up area of materials but the steel yard which store all sections of steel. In order to aggregate, adjust, store and sort out products more convenient, we got 4 sets of lane for receiving materials. The newest plat (CHANG-HONGRENDE first and second plant) was built in 2020. We provide cutting and processing service (high precision cutting, CNC flame cutting, drilling, grooving etc.,) with steel plates, burnish plate, tread plate, Perforated Sheet, Metal Floor Decking, expanded sheet, Woven Wire Mesh, Galvanized Tread Plate. We will keep our enthusiastic and specialization to make a contribution to the market environment. We look forward to having successful working relationship with you in the future.